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The foolproof security and lighting system that keeps your family and your home safe!

Solar LED light
LED light with motion sensor activation for added security
Helps to clearly detect, identify and deter an assailant.
Incredibly tough, waterproof and stands up well to frost and heat.

About Sunommat

Ensure the security of your home and family from potential intruders while illuminating the exterior of your home.
  • Sunommat LED lights are IP65 certified waterproof and made of high quality ABS materials, they are heat resistant and can withstand all kinds of adverse weather conditions.
  • Motion sensor: Incorporates a highly sensitive motion light sensor with a detection distance of up to 3-5 meters and a detection angle of 120°.
  • Three lighting modes: long and dim light mode, strong light sensor mode and motion sensor mode.
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Main advantages:

Solar Light
Protect your home and family
The light turns on automatically when it detects motion within a range of approximately 3 metres and 120°.
When powered by sunlight, the battery can last 8 to 10 hours on a full charge.
lighting modes
A total of 100 LED lights with 3 lighting modes: Constant dim lighting mode, strong light sensor mode and motion sensor mode.
Prevents bumps and falls
By lighting up as you walk, you will avoid tripping over any objects you may encounter along the way.
No wires are needed for installation. Can be hung on the wall with screws (included in the package) or with 3M tape.


How do I change the lighting mode?
There is a button every time you press it the light works in a different way.
How far away does it detect movement?
The detection distance is up to 3-5 meters.
How big are they?
The size of this LED outdoor light is: 35x98x50mm/5,3x3,85 x inches (L x W x H)
Are there any offers available?
Yes, they have a launch promotion of 50% discount.
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